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Advisory Science Group for Aerospace Research and Development

Publicly, ASGARD (Advisory Science Group for Aerospace Research and Development) was an agency of NATO that existed from 1952 to 1996. As its name implies, ASGARD's activities ostensibly concentrated on aerospace research, but in fact it was a secret GORGON plot to funnel NATO resources and research to GORGON.

ASGARD separated from GORGON in 1973 due to philosophical differences (prompting GORGON to found the Trilateral Commission to fill the void in that organization). The legitimate functions of ASGARD merged with the NATO Defence Research Group (DRG) in 1996 to become the NATO Research and Technology Organisation (RTO), while their subversive activities secretly continued as ASGARD. Today, ASGARD is a secret organization dedicated to the establishment of a global techno-fascist utopia, with ties to NATO and the International Monetary Fund.

ASGARD provides financial and philosophical support to futurists, hacker groups, and popular technology conferences. ASGARD receives a significant part of its funding by selling advanced weaponry to terrorists, "rogue" states, and other subversive organizations such as GORGON. Arms dealing serves an added benefit to ASGARD, as it provides them with volunteers to field-test ASGARD's more experimental weapon designs.