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The Agency

A team of villian mercenaries available for any job, as long as the pay is high

In 2002, the mercenary villain Sandman was secretly approached by Imperator, who proposed funding a semi-permanent group of villains as a counter to Justifiers and Vanguard. Sandman accepted the deal, and The Agency was born.

The Agency is led by Sandman, with Black Crescent as his second in command.

  • Alpha Wave - An egoist capable of inflicting a catatonic state on his victims.
  • Black Crescent - A powerful Black Crescent agent and underchilde of the Shadowcreep.
  • Diabolique - Mentalist and martial artist.
  • Eigenstadt - Electrical energy projector and former CLADE agent
  • Equinox - Energy projector that can manipulate both fire and ice.
  • Gorgon - Strong, tough bull-headed humanoid with low intelligence and an unknown origin.
  • Hazmat - Radioactive energy-projecting brick.
  • The Hours - Multiform martial artist and thief of unknown origin.
  • Megaton - Very tough, strong Mafia enforcer.
  • Narthex - A mysterious woman who gains unusual abilities on sanctified ground.
  • Sandman - Former Delta Force officer who can manipulate molecular forces.