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Flying speedster energy projector.

Svetlana Kreko (Avalon), in civilian attire
Quotation   "[quotation needed]"
First Appearance   [comic reference needed] [#], [year]
Real Name   Svetlana Kreko
Identity   Public ID
Player   Brandon Blackmoor


Gender   Female
Age   26
Height   5’ 10”
Weight   139 lbs.
Hair   Blonde
Eyes   Dark grey

Svetlana is a stunning 26 year old Ukrainian woman in excellent health. She has long blonde hair and attractive features, but her appeal goes past the merely physical: she seems to radiate warmth and openness.


Svetlana is a Ukrainian citizen, a former member of the Ukrainian women's volleyball Olympic team. She is fit, blonde, and outgoing. She was disheartened when the Ukrainian Olympic team was eliminated in the preliminary qualification matches (meaning that she would not be participating in the 2004 Olympics in Athens), and she decided it was time for her to quit the team and focus on her career as a translator and part-time art collector. She is fluent in several languages, and made a comparatively good living (for Kiev) translating both government and business documents (primarily from Russian and English into Ukrainian).

It was while on one such job, in a former Soviet storage vault deep under the city, that she was possessed by an ancient sentience, which proceeded to use her body to venture further into the vaults, where a Cold War-era device lay sealed away since the late 1960s. An observer in her own body, Svetlana watched as she powered up the vast mechanism, listened as the generators hummed into life, helpless to prevent herself from strapping herself into a massive metal chair not unlike that used to execute criminals. As the power of the device peaked, a relay clicked, and the entire room was bathed in a blinding light...

The whole machine -- several tons of vacuum tubes, cables, electrical generators, and technology recovered from an unidentified aircraft recovered from Siberia in 1909 -- was converted into neutrinos (exceedingly small, highly energetic particles). While the device is active, it funnels in neutrinos from within the immediate area (a few thousand kilometers) to power and maintain itself. What the activated device looks like is a metallic, skintight suit, surrounded by a soft, twinkling glow that is absorbed (rather than radiated) by the suit. The device can also be made "dormant", in which case it concentrates its unconverted mass into a band of metal, usually in the form of a bracelet or a choker.

Baraquiel, the entity which possessed Svetlana, and which used her to steal the device, is as old as time. It isn't really evil, simply callous and easily bored. It jumps from body to body, entertains itself as well as it can, and then moves on when it gets bored. It just happens that it wandered into Svetlana as she was examining a report on the neutrino conversion device, and decided to go looking for it. Svetlana was just a convenient ride. Svetlana was rescued from Baraquiel's control by a pair of superheroes operating out of Chicago: Tempest and Dominic Fortune. Because she does not trust her government to use the machine wisely, she has decided to keep it. Since she is afraid she would be hunted for it if she were to return to Kiev, she has decided to remain in the USA, where she has made friends with those who rescued her from Baraquiel.


Although Svetlana loves her home, she believes the Ukrainian government to be corrupt, and run by gangsters. The American government is (from her point of view) power-hungry, vacuous, and run by a mixture of socialists and religious zealots, but at least they make a pretense of serving the people. Even if she went home, she would never be willing to give the machine back to the government, and she would always be afraid of being hunted for it. In the USA, she feels more secure, particularly since she has made friends with others who also possess superhuman power.

Also, she recently set aside her dreams of being an Olympic volleyball champion. She is beginning to consider the possibility that being a superhero would be an acceptable second-best to being an Olympic medalist.


Physically, Svetlana is in the condition one would expect of an Olympic athlete, or perhaps slightly better, but is otherwise unremarkable. However, the neutrino conversion machine gives her an array of neutrino-based powers, including flight, a force field, and the ability to emit a conversion beam which converts solid matter into neutrinos. She can also see through most solid matter by shifting her perception into the neutrino range. The machine which makes these powers possible is currently composed almost entirely of transdimensional energy fields. Even when "dormant", the small amount of physical matter which is all that remains of its unconverted mass is a negligible part of the whole machine. As such, forcibly removing it from Svetlana would be quite difficult unless she could be convinced to deactivate it entirely (which would take a great deal of room).

Additionally, the possessing entity left Svetlana's mind slightly ajar when it left. This is the reason for her susceptibility to mental powers. It is also the reason her Charisma is as high as it is. She is exceptionally attractive in the physical sense (even by the already exceptional standards of superheroes), but the reason her Charisma is supernaturally high is because her mind is psychically very receptive: people respond to that on a subconscious level, and tend to be drawn to her. Think of it as a high-powered version of the tendency people have to tell their problems to bartenders, or their secrets to hair dressers.