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Speedster martial artist

Blueshift on a mission.
Blueshift in typical combat attire.
Blueshift, Genesis Initiative archive photo.
Quotation   "Pay attention. A lot will happen in the next few seconds."
Real Name   Jeanette de Vries
Identity   Public ID
Player   Brandon Blackmoor


Gender   Female
Age   29
Height   5’ 8”
Weight   127 lbs.
Hair   Black
Eyes   Blue

Jeanette is a lean woman in her late 20s, with short but stylishly cut black hair. Her presence can be unnerving, because unless she is actively engaged in some activity, she stands very, very still: the small movements that normal people make in order to balance themselves are made so quickly and precisely, that she appears to be unnaturally immobile. She typically dresses in snug, stretchy clothing, and sturdy boots.


Jeannette ran away from home when she was sixteen, after the death of her father. She spent the next year avoiding the authorities and the Genesis Initiative, by which she was eventually captured. She was rescued from Genesis by a vigilante known as Dark Disciple. Having nowhere else to go, she stayed with Dark Disciple for a number of months, and it was he who taught her martial arts (primarily a mixture of American kenpo, muay thai, and shotokai karate). She left Dark Disciple when she was approached by The Master, a morally ambiguous mastermind, who told her that she could use her abilities to help humanity by leading his strike team. She stayed with The Master for several years, learning leadership skills as well as learning to use her own powers effectively in a team. She eventually became disillusioned with The Master’s mysterious goals and violent methods, and she left his employ. The parting was cordial, and he allowed her to keep the specialized equipment he designed for her; she still uses the tactical visor.

Seeking a way to salvage her life, Jeannette approached the FSPD (now the PTRC), offering to trade her knowledge of various criminal organizations in exchange for immunity from prosecution. After months of incarceration, the FSPD accepted her offer, and Jeannette spent the next several weeks being debriefed. After she was released, she operated as an independent for a period of time before encountering Dante, Psi-Breaker, and Re-agent. Finding that they had similar goals and compatible personalities, they formed Shadow Watch. Other than the members of her team, she has no friends, although she exchanges Christmas cards with Siege, who was also a member of The Master’s strike team, and who now works for the PTRC.


Jeanette is usually quiet and aloof. She does not enjoy or encourage what passes for polite conversation, and most people interpret her behavior as disdain. In fact, she finds the speed at which normal people interact almost unbearable, like sitting in freeway traffic, so she tries to limit her social interactions with others as much as possible. Of course, this only reinforces her feelings of isolation and her perception of herself as an outsider.


During her career as a supervillain, Blueshift was the team leader and tactician for her team. She is a master at assessing threats and formulating appropriate responses, and she keeps her cool under pressure. In combat, she uses her incredible speed to help set up attacks by her teammates.