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Citadel (comicbook)

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Citadel is a monthly comic book series published by Kalos Comics. The series began publication in May 2011. The comic chronicles the adventures of the members of Citadel, who were assembled in New York to take the place of the Justifiers after the death of Paragon.

Issue #1, "Overture"

The Citadel Task Force contacts Manticore, Predator, Shadow, and Mayhem to gauge their interest in joining a new superhero group. Meanwhile, Ladon learns of the group's formation from Sybil, a fellow immortal. The potential teammates and the Citadel Task Force meet at the IAC Building and tour the facility. The first staff meeting is tense -- the two investigators assigned to Citadel are at odds. Mayhem is reluctant to get himself involved, and declines the invitation.

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Issue #2, "Opening moves"

While Manticore attend to personal business, Predator, Shadow, and Ladon rescue a family from kidnappers who claimed to be with the Cult of the Fallen. The kidnappers, however, are mercenaries in military grade powered armor, and no connection to the Cult can be made. The team pursues investigations into aspects of the crime that seem unusual. Shadow conducts interviews concerning the Opfer de Schwarzenkreuz, a medieval occult object in the kidnapper's list of demands. Predator questions fighters at a MMA gym where one of the kidnappers is a member.

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Issue #3, "Night at the museum"

After an investigation by Shadow, the team concludes that the Cult of the Fallen may be a ruse, and whomever is behind the kidnapping will attempt to steal the Moondial of Trieste, a historical artifact stored at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Manticore, Predator, Shadow, and Ladon lay a trap for the mercenaries, but instead encounter two known super-villains: The Hours and Diabolique. Citadel thwarts the attempted theft, but the encounter leaves more questions unanswered than before. Manticore continues her research into the mercenaries' powered armor. Shadow's investigation leads him to Anderson St. Clair, the owner of the Moondial and the Concordia Caeli, both occult objects tied to the Opfer.

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Issue #4, "When oceans go to war"

Manhattan flooded

Princess Thesilea of Atlantis, niece of deceased Justifier Antiope, learns that the Lemurian military commander Noble Glaucus, self-proclaimed Overlord of the Oceans, plans to attack Manhattan in an attempt to call attention to the damage being done to the world's seas. Thesilea joins forces with Citadel and repels his attack. Manticore's research into the mercenaries' powered armor leads her to the Scythian Corporation.

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Issue #5, "The Cape"

Ladon, Predator, and Shadow investigate the death of a woman who fell out of the sky. Special guest appearance by Aegis.

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Issue #6, "My brother's keeper"

Ladon, Manticore, Predator, and Shadow investigate a mysterious clue that may implicate one of Manticore's most trusted associates. Special guest appearance by Thesilea, Warrior Princess of Atlantis.

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Issue #7, "My brother's keeper, part 2"

Ladon, Manticore, Predator, and Shadow rescue Everson Franklin and his brother Malone Franklin from Diabolique, Mastodon, and Black Crescent.

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Issue #8, "Fire in the sky"

Predator and Shadow investigate strange goings-on at the Very Large Array, and foil an extradimensional invasion. Special guest appearance by Karen 7.

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