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The Corvette

Sentient spaceship outside of space and time.

The Corvette, in the Blur

The Corvette is a sentient spaceship 36 miles wide and 42 miles tall. It is a shiftship, capable of traversing higher dimensions and the Blur, which is the "space" between alternate universes. It is also capable of opening portals between itself and any alternate universe in its vicinity.

The height of the Corvette's interior rooms and corridors is typically between 40 and 45 feet, but it also has spaces which are considerably larger. The mast of the Corvette contains most of the ship's habitable space; the ring-shaped section contains the ship's propulsion, navigation, and weapon systems.

Some higher dimensions visited by the Corvette

Where baby universes are born.
The Akashic Seas
Tacking toward the datastream at eighty-two gigabits.
The Center of a superstring
Weaving its way toward infinity.
Where there is no time like the present.
The Devachanic Realm
Cruising at a velocity of 45 concepts per second.
The Dreamstream
Racing a nightmare storm toward the Tropic of Gemini.
The Exstream
Where what used to be goes up to eleven.
Where everything turns back on itself.
The Glissando Cascade
Where space is angular, velocity is sound, and sound is geometry.
The Hausdorff Dimension
Skimming the surface of topological space.
Hilbert Space
Gleaming the infinite cube.
Where memes spawn and school like brilliant fish.
The Mind Barrier Reef
Where the dreams of latent telepaths grow together in their sleep.