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Bartender and local celebrity at the Gravity Lens.

Cryotron, in costume
Cryotron, head bartender at Gravity Lens
Alternate ID   Walter Demmerle
GM   Brandon Blackmoor

Cryotron was a middle-tier supervillian during the 1980s and early 1990s. After repeated captures and arrests, Cryotron eventually gave up the supervillain game. He has attempted a number of business ventures since then, none of which have been particularly successful. He is currently the head bartender and part owner of Gravity Lens, a superhero-themed club in downtown Los Angeles. Gravity Lens is Cryotron's most successful venture to date.

In 1998 Cryotron donated his armored costume, which he wore for the bulk of his supervillain career, to the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana, California, where it is on permanent display in the Techno Arts section.