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Evil mentalist and martial artist

Diabolique, close-up
Diabolique, in civilian attire
Quotation   ""
First Appearance  
Real Name   Annette Boutin
Identity   Secret ID
Team Affiliation   The Agency
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Gender   Female Age   28
Height   5' 8” Hair   Black
Weight   125 Eyes   Gray

Diabolique is a somewhat attractive brunette with short hair, fair skin and an athletic figure. She wears a dark green and purple skin tight body suit that exposes her cleavage and stomach. She carries a katana on her left hip.



Stamina: 9

Determination: 6

Power Points Spent: 61

Unspent Experience: 0


Mental Blast


  • Acrobatics Expert (+2)
  • Athletics Expert (+2)
  • Languages Expert (+2)
  • Martial Arts Expert (+2)
  • Military Expert (+2)




  • Connection: Laboratory 23
  • Connection: The Agency
  • Epithet: The Fiend from the Shadows
  • Motivation: Greed
  • Motivation: Vengeance


  • Enemy: Most Law Enforcement and Heroes
  • Personal: Sociopath


Abilities 33 + Powers 23 + Specialties 5 = 61 / 61


In the early 1950s, the KGB formed a special office under their Operations and Technology Directorate dedicated to the research and development of techniques for creating super soldiers. The office became known as Laboratory 23 and continued to operate after the end of the Cold War. In 1990, KGB operatives under the direction of Laboratory 23's deputy director, Dr. Leonid Demetriov, kidnapped then 8 year old Anna Boutin from her home in Lyon, France. Laboratory 23 enhanced Annette's natural mental and physical talents, and gave her extensive hand to hand combat training--she uses a katana as a personal preference. Their intent was to create a loyal, lethal espionage agent. Instead, they unleashed a sadistic, vengeful egomaniac on the rest of the world.


Diabolique has a sociopathic, vengeful hatred for government, the rule of law, and 'normal' society in general. Her personal relationships are determined by power—if she believes she can defeat someone she is demanding, threatening and hostile. When she deals with those who are more powerful she is devious, fawning and manipulative. She is not averse to using sexuality or torture to achieve her goals. She is pathologically self-absorbed, evaluating everything based on how it will effect her. Diabolique prefers crimes that either make her a lot of money or kill people she doesn't like. Subsequently, she will only participate in criminal enterprises based on principles (such as terrorism, world domination or theft of anything that isn't directly valuable to her) under duress.


In combat, Diabolique will attempt to separate her targets and eliminate them in order from weakest to most powerful. She has excellent individual and small group tactics training from her time in Laboratory 23, and although she isn't particularly smart, she knows enough to take advantage of terrain, distractions and other environmental factors. She will typically use Telepathy to keep track of a target, use her Teleportation to get close to them without being detected, then attack the target with her Mind Blast, which has the drawback that she must touch the target. Once her target is down she will Teleport away and start the cycle again.