Doctor Neutron

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Doctor Neutron

War hero with zero-point energy powers

Dr. Neutron, in costume
John Campbell, D.D.S. (Dr. Neutron), in civilian attire

Quotation   "[quotation needed]"
Real Name   John Campbell
Identity   Public ID
Player   Brandon Blackmoor


Gender   Male
Age   89
Height   6’ 3”
Weight   234 lbs.
Hair   Black/Grey
Eyes   Blue

Doctor Neutron is a tall, good-looking man who appears to be in his late 40s. He has a nearly trimmed beard, and some grey hair at his temples. He usually appears to be in a good mood. His superhero costume is a basic one in red, white, and blue, very similar in design to the one the Army issued him during World War 2. The clasps which attach his cape to his shoulders are stylized US Army captain's bars -- a respectful nod to his military career.


John Campbell was in his third year of medical school in 1942, but dropped out to enlist in the US Army. John was selected to participate in a super solder program called the Zarathustra Project. In the first group of volunteers, over four hundred died, and only six survived: John was one of the survivors. He gained an ability to manipulate an as-yet-unknown form of energy or matter. Initially, Army scientists postulated that it was formed of neutral particles, which is why his call sign became "Neutron". As Neutron (later, "Captain Neutron"), John fought beside the rest of Freedom Force against the Axis powers in Europe and the Pacific.

After the war, John stayed in the Army and helped with various peacekeeping missions until the end of the Korean War. He received an honorable discharge, and returned to school to complete his medical degree and his dental degree. Although he is an M.D. with a specialty in oral surgery, he actually enjoys dentistry more, and this is the primary focus of his practice. Some of his current patients are the grandchildren of his first patients.


Doctor Neutron is a friendly, considerate man. His manner is easy-going, and he rarely gets angry. He considers his powers a responsibility, but he is neither obsessed with them nor tormented by them. He is not interested in fame, fortune, or, to be truthful, the "big picture". He has seen a great deal, and knows that nothing good or bad lasts forever. As such, he helps when he can, and tries not to let it bother him when he can't.


Doctor Neutron's powers are mainly concerned with creating barriers out of cosmic energy fields. His tactics focus on containing and isolating threats so that they can be dealt with one at a time.