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Psychic gorilla supergenius


Quotation   "Would the hoo-man like a ba-na-na?"
First Appearance   Tales Of Mystery #166, 1959
Real Name   Bongo
Identity   Public ID
Player   GMC

Team Affiliation   Solo
Base Of Operations   Earth
Range Of Operations   Global

Origin   Altered
Archetype   The Calculator


Gender   Male Age   24
Height   5' 7" Hair   Dark grey
Weight   375 lbs. Eyes   Brown

Ganyeka appears to be a typical western lowland gorilla, with dark brownish-grey hair, a wide skull with a pronounced crest, and pronounced brow ridges. Several large scars are visible on his scalp. Although he does not wear clothes, he usually wears a belt over one shoulder with several pouches attached to it. He has been known to wear a helmet and ballistic chest armor when expecting violence.



Endurance: 15
Plot Points: 1

Character Points Spent: 71
Unspent Experience: 0


(Mind Link)
Telekinetic Force Field
Not effective against intangible attacks (-1)
Mental Powers

Mental Powers Powers

Illusory Damage (+1); It's All In Your Mind (-1)
Mind Control
Mind Hold


  • Athletics
  • Combat
  • Computing
  • Culture
  • Engineering
  • Investigation
  • Medicine
  • Science


  • Master Plan


  Base Move     Double Move     All-out Move  
Run   30 feet/round 60 feet/round 180 feet/round (20 mph)
Swim   6 feet/round 12 feet/round 36 feet/round (4 mph)
Jump   18 feet 18 feet 18 feet


Ganyeka is suspicious of humans, and aloof, at best, to any humans he encounters. Although he bears a great deal of resentment against humanity for the way he and his people (gorillas, and western lowland gorillas in particular) have been treated, he also feels isolated from them, as he will forever be an outcast from human society, the society in which he was raised. Ganyeka is a proud and lonely creature.


  • Anger: The character is driven to overcome challenges and exceed their limits.
  • Nobility: The character was born to rule and command the respect of their lessers.


  • Outsider: Despite his vast intelligence, Ganyeka will always be a gorilla.


Ganyeka was once a completely normal western lowland gorilla named Bongo. Born in captivity in a medical research facility in Louisiana, he was subjected to hundreds of medical experiments by the time he was four years old. Most of these were drug trials, and had no lasting effects on him. However, at the age of twelve he was subjected to a series of surgeries and gene therapies intended to induce and then treat Alzheimer's disease.

The treatments had an unexpected side effect: they gradually increased Bongo's intelligence until he was even smarter than the doctors treating him. Bongo learned quickly, and the more he learned, the more his resentment grew. One day, Bongo had had enough: he struck out at the doctors, his tormenters. At first his rebellion was purely physical, but his wardens were armed with cattle prods and tranquilizer darts, and he knew that he was doomed. Defiant, he roared at his attackers, and was astonished as they crumpled to the ground. Bongo escaped from the facility, swearing revenge on humanity for what was done to him.

Since then, Bongo's anger has cooled. He has taken a new name, Ganyeka, which means "excel" or "surpass" in the Zulu language. He no longer blames all of humanity for what was done to him, but he has no love for humans. He seeks to find a place for himself in the world of humans. And if they do not have a place for him, he will make one.

Ganyeka has a deep disdain for physical violence, deeming it a "human" trait, and his early experiences have instilled in him an aversion to causing physical pain to others. He can be gentle, and he has a soft spot for human children, who remind him of the family he will never have. At the same time, he has no reservations about using his psychic powers to manipulate, hurt, or even kill humans who deserve it -- and no one deserves it more than someone who interferes with his plans.

Ganyeka understands English (and numerous other human languages), but he can't speak verbally: his vocal apparatus remains that of an ape. He communicates telepathically. His mental "voice" is that of Bob Marley: a conscious decision on Ganyeka's part.


Attributes 36 + Skills 0 + Advantages 1 + Powers 35 = 71 / 71