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Every page should belong to at least one category. To add a page to a category, place a category link at the very end of the page. At the very end of this page are some specific examples.

Here are some typical categories and subcategories. These are only examples: if you have any questions about what is a subcategory of what, you should examine an existing page which is similar to the one you wish to categorize.

       De Schola Arcanum
           (member name)
           (member name)
           (member name)
           (member name)
           (member name)
           (member name)
       United States
           (organization name)
       Los Angeles
           (organization name)
       New York
           (organization name)

For category names, the usual rules for case-sensitivity of page names apply: they are case-sensitive beyond the first character, but the first character is case-insensitive. Be aware that you will create a new category if the capitalization beyond the first character is not the same as an existing category.


   [[Category:Westguard]] (← wrong!)

For a complete list of categories, see Special:Categories.

Many pages will belong to more than one category. In that case, add a link for each category, placing the more important category first. Generally, more specific categories should come before less specific categories, but the more important categories should always come first.




Categories themselves can also be specified to belong to another category. When displaying the page of a category to which other categories belong, a separate automatically generated, alphabetical list of subcategories is also produced.

For example you could edit [[Category:Chicago]] and add the link [[Category:Places]]. The "Chicago" category would then be a subcategory of the "Places" category.

Categories for specific places and organizations

Each specific place and organization should include a category link for itself. For example, the main WestGuard page would have these categories:

   [[Category:Los Angeles]]

Categories for specific people

Do not create a category for each specific person. Having too many categories would make it much harder to find things. Instead, the names of pages which relate to that specific person should include the name of the person in the page titles. So, for example, the Darknight page would have these category links:


And would have links to these related pages:

   [[Darknight:Character sheet]]

These pages would have the same category links as the parent Darknight page:


Redundant categories

If a page could reasonably belong to both a category and one of its subcategories, such as "Places" and "Los Angeles", you should usually only list the most specific category ("Los Angeles", in our example).

The exception to this is when the page itself describes the specific category. The WestGuard page, for example, has these category links at the bottom:

   [[Category:WestGuard]] (← WestGuard's own category)
   [[Category:Los Angeles]]

Organizations and locations

For the sake of simplicity, we can consider individuals' names to be subcategories of their associated organizations and of the location of those organizations. So, for example, the main WestGuard page would have these category links:

   [[Category:Los Angeles]]

But the main Cybrknight page would have these category links:

   [[Category:WestGuard]] (← "Los Angeles" is not needed)

Specific examples

Los Angeles (or any other city)

   [[Category:Los Angeles]] (← city name)
   [[Category:Places]] (← "Places")

Gravity Well (or any other specific location)

   [[Category:Gravity Well]] (← location name)
   [[Category:Los Angeles]] (← city name; "Places" is not needed)

WestGuard (or any other organization)

   [[Category:WestGuard]] (← organization name)
   [[Category:Organizations]] (← "Organizations")
   [[Category:Los Angeles]] (← organization location; "Places" is not needed)

WestGuard:Members (or any other organization sub-page)

   [[Category:WestGuard]] (← organization name; the other categories to which "WestGuard" belongs are not needed)

Blueshift (or any other person not affiliated with an organization)

   [[Category:People]] (← "People")
   [[Category:United States]] (← location name)

Crytron (or any other person affiliated with a location)

   [[Category:People]] (← "People")
   [[Category:Gravity Well]] (← location name; "Los Angeles" and "Places" are not needed)

Flare (or any other person affiliated with an organization)

   [[Category:People]] (← "People")
   [[Category:WestGuard]] (← organization name; "Los Angeles" and "Places" are not needed)
   [[Category:FSPD]] (← organization name; "United States" is not needed)

Flare:Background (or any other person sub-page)

   [[Category:People]] (← same as "Flare" page)
   [[Category:WestGuard]] (← same as "Flare" page)
   [[Category:FSPD]] (← same as "Flare" page)