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The Heretic

Cyber-warrior from the year 3000.

Heretic, close-up
Quotation   "You should be more grateful for what you have."
Alternate ID   Virek Kohl
Player   Brandon Blackmoor


Hair   Black (bald)   Eyes   Brown
Height   6' 1"   Weight   220 lbs.

Kohl is a tall, muscular man with dark eyes and a very serious demeanor. He shaves his head, partly for tactical reasons and partly because it is easier to maintain that way. His only affectation is a closely trimmed beard: for him, this is an extraordinary expression of individuality. When not on duty, he wears loose-fitting clothing in dark colors: most typically black, blue, and maroon. Even in casual dress, he seems to be wearing a uniform. While on duty, he wears the uniform and body armor of a Renovator: body armor over loose, sturdy clothes.


As a result of the warnings brought back to the 21st century by Xerxes Chuan, in the 28th century the Interfed began focusing its efforts on averting the disaster of Y3K. All critical systems were made independent and multiply redundant. The systems governing life's routines were made more powerful, more capable, than they had ever been in Xerxes' native timeline. Humanity became increasingly dependent on the thinking machines which ordered the minutes and seconds of each human's life. By the year 3000, humanity became an efficient clockwork mechanism, without hate, violence, or inefficiency: the Intrumentality, the ultimate governing system of Earth and the Synchronized Worlds, controlled all, for the benefit of all. Individuals who rebelled against the perfect order imposed by the Instrumentality were simply removed, like repairing a faulty part in a smoothly running machine. The people responsible for making these "repairs" were the Renovators.

Virek Kohl was a Renovator: one of the best. For several years, he served the Instrumentality with cold efficiency, rooting out Demolitionists wherever they might be found. But as time passed, the ideas of the Demolitionists began to trouble Kohl. He began to see beauty in disorder, and he slowly understood that the truest expression of life lies not in eternally unchanging order, but in freedom and growth. The perfect order of the Instrumentality was not peace -- it was death. Virek Kohl began working with the Demotionists from inside the Renovators, subtlely altering records and sabotaging Renovator "repair" missions in an attempt to undermine the oppressive control of the Instrumentality. It was only a matter of time before his actions came to the attention of the Analytical Branch. Virek Kohl was branded a Heretic: the worst possible offense under the perfect order. He would be killed on sight if he were caught by the Renovators -- and he nearly was.

Kohl had been hiding in a restricted-access Renovator warehouse, where dangerous and disruptive technology was stored prior to evaluation by the Analytical Branch. It was here that he stumbled across the Probability Broach, a precursor to the device which (unknown to Kohl) Xerxes Chuan had used to escape from the year 3000. As Kohl the Heretic examined the crude device, the warehouse was bathed in blinding light: his redoubt had been discovered. With only moments to spare, and his former allies and companions closing in, he set the coordinates on the prototype and stepped into the maelstrom.

Eventually, Kohl was found and befriended by WestGuard. After some initial distrust on both sides, Kohl has come to value and believe in the virtues which WestGuard represents.


Kohl is a serious, no-nonsense individual. He has spent his entire adult life as a soldier, and the principles of discipline and honor are so ingrained into him that he will probably never "loosen up", no matter how long he stays in the twenty-first century. Despite his apparent hardness, Kohl is tremendously grateful for the second chance he has been given. He takes his role as a protector of society as seriously now as he ever has, and perhaps even more so. He has seen what can happen if the protectors lose track of the best interests of those they protect, and he has sworn never to allow that to happen again. He knows that he will never be truly a part of the happy, carefree society in which he has found a home, but he will fight to the end of his days to protect it.

Part of Kohl's nature is an abiding respect for the written word. He reads voraciously, and he studies the law continuously. As a member of WestGuard, Kohl carries the same authority as a member of the state police, and it is of utmost importance to him that he understands the limits placed on that authority. Kohl is not a leader. He has spent far too long carrying out the will of others to be comfortable exerting his will on anyone else. He is most comfortable when he has a clear objective and is given free reign to accomplish it.

Kohl uses the name "Heretic" as his code name during WestGuard combat missions. This name was a mark of dishonor in his home timeline, but he is fiercely proud of it. It reminds him that he broke from the mold in which he was cast, and that he can make his own choices.


Kohl, like most people from his timeline, abhors ranged combat, associating it with criminals and terrorists. He prefers to fight hand-to-hand with whomever seems the most capable melee opponent. He prefers to use his flux rapier in combat, but it has been stressed to him that he must not cause critical injuries to criminals if that can be avoided. As a result, he tends to fight defensively until he is attacked with sufficient force that he feels justified in responding in kind.

As a member of the Renovators, Kohl was imbued with a gift called "Ascension": Kohl's nervous and endochrine systems are laced with networks of nanomachines and quantum computers, permitting him greater control over his own biological processes in addition to the ability to interact with energy fields around him. These abilities offer him more flexibility in combat than might otherwise be apparent: Kohl is able to adjust his tactics to compensate for the strengths and weaknesses of an opponent, and he does so with ruthless efficiency. The nanomachine network is a living, evolving thing: as Kohl's skills grow, so will the nanomachine network. The limits of its versatility and power are as yet unknown.