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=====[[Detroit, Michigan]]=====
=====[[Detroit, Michigan]]=====
=====[[Grand Rapids, Michigan]]=====

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Heroes, deceased (Kalos Universe)

(and unaligned, basically law-abiding posthumans)

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Atlantic Ocean


  • Antiope (F) - A super-strong Atlantean warrior, as brutal as she is beautiful; Justifiers; dec. 2011.


North America

United States

Los Angeles, California
Santa Carla, California
Atlanta, Georgia
Savannah, Georgia
Chicago, Illinois
New Orleans, Louisiana
Detroit, Michigan
Beltsville, Maryland
College Park, Maryland
Boston, Massachusetts
Marblehead, Massachusetts
White Sands, New Mexico
Hamilton County, New York
New York, New York
Seattle, Washington
Spokane, Washington
Tacoma, Washington

South America


  • Iae (F) - Twin with powerful lunar-based powers; Justifiers; dec. 2011.
  • Kuat (M) - Twin with powerful solar-based powers; Justifiers; dec. 2011.

Other worlds

F    Female
M    Male
N    Neuter or inorganic
O    Nonhuman without obvious gender