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*The insectoid alien race known as the [[Isopterans]] invades the earth, landing hive ships in [[Alaska]], [[Brazil]], [[Democratic Republic of the Congo]], and [[India]]. The invasion is repelled by the [[Justifiers]].
*The insectoid alien race known as the [[Isopterans]] invades the earth, landing hive ships in [[Alaska]], [[Brazil]], [[Democratic Republic of the Congo]], [[India]], and [[Russia]]. The invasion is repelled by the [[Justifiers]].

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90,000 BCE

  • Earth is colonized by an alien race, establishing the civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria.

72,000 BCE

  • Mount Toba, a volcano near the eastern coast of Lemuria, erupts in spectacular fashion: the biggest explosion in the last two million years. The volcano spews enough sulphur into the atmosphere to lower world temperatures by several degrees, and enough molten rock to cover an area the size of Great Britain to a depth of 10 meters (3 feet). It also produces vast amounts of ash. Driven by the winds, clouds of white Toba ash cover huge swathes of Asia, including Lemuria and much of the Indian subcontinent. Humanity nearly becomes extinct.
  • The island civilization of Lemuria vanishes beneath the Indian Ocean.

10,000 BCE

  • Global warming marks the beginning of the Holocene epoch. The melting of the Laurentide Ice Sheet and other ice sheets cause world sea levels to rise 35 meters (110 feet).
  • Scores of large mammal species ("megafauna") abruptly become extinct.
  • The island civilization of Atlantis vanishes beneath the Atlantic Ocean.







  • An experimental high-altitude surveillance balloon crashes in the general vicinity of Roswell, New Mexico.
  • At the request of President Harry S. Truman, the superhero Paragon forms the Justifiers.




  • A nuclear detonation is detected west of Bouvetoya, a small island in the Atlantic between Africa and Antarctica. While suspicion falls on South Africa, no country ever claims responsibility.


  • A Special Forces team led by Major "Dutch" Shaeffer is wiped out during an operation in Honduras by an unknown attacker. Schaeffer survives along with a local guerrilla called "Ana". In their debriefings, they describe the events and the resulting explosion, which destroyed approximately one square mile of jungle.





  • The superhero Paragon destroys downtown Atlanta, Georgia, and much of the surrounding metropolitan area. He proceeds to track down and kill the members of his team, the Justifiers.
  • Paragon continues his rampage, destroying Singapore and Mount Rushmore.
  • Paragon is defeated by a group of heroes recruited by Archon (see Legacies). He is pushed through a malfunctioning portal, and presumed dead. The surviving heroes adopt the team name and headquarters of the Justifiers.
  • A man calling himself Maitreya uses advanced technology to erect a force field around New Zealand and lift it into space. The Justifiers stop him, return New Zealand, and attempt to mitigate the environmental damage.
  • A creature calling himself Noble Glaucus, Overlord Of The Oceans, attacks Manhattan in an attempt to call attention to the damage being done to the world's oceans. His attack is repelled by Citadel.