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History (Mainstream Universe)





  • During the August Coup, Soviet superhero Captain Communist defends the Russian parliament against tanks under the command of conservative communists. Stirred by his patriotic example, a unit of tanks defects to the government's side and surrounds parliament, guns pointing outward.


  • The J.W. Hellstrom Paranormal Secure Holding Facility, better known as "Hellhole", accepts its first inmate.
  • Construction of the original WestGuard Building is completed.




  • Monolith leaves the Renegades and joins WestGuard. The team becomes officially sanctioned by the California State Police, conferring police powers and responsibilities on the team members. Shaman loses his magical powers and retires from the team.



  • Global technological collapse is averted thanks to the concerted efforts of the world's computer programmers. The "Y2K Bug" becomes a historical footnote, rather than a catastrophe of Biblical proportions.


  • The original WestGuard Building is badly damaged in a fight between the demon Nyarlathotep and WestGuard members Lensman, Monolith, Black Ronin, and Apex. Nyarlathotep was destroyed and the Black Band was dissolved. The building used by WestGuard as a temporary base of operations, Ennis House, which was designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1924, becomes the object of contentious debate between the California Historical Preservation Society (CHPS) and the team. Cyberknight, the owner of Ennis House, agrees to turn the building over to the CHPS and move the team elsewhere once a replacement headquarters is built.



  • The FSPD is absorbed into the Department Of Homeland Security, and its focus is changed changing from dealing with domestic paranormals to dealing with paranormal terrorists. The agency is renamed the "Paranormal Terrorist Response Center" (PTRC).
  • Most former FPSD installations are decommissioned: only New York, Chicago, Dallas, and Los Angeles maintain PTRC field offices, and those locations shift from focusing on capturing and incarcerating paranormals to providing support for local and federal law enforcement in those agencies' response to paranormal terrorist attacks.
  • WestGuard responds to a request by Ganyeka to assist in the medical treatment of nearly fifty eastern lowland gorillas in the Democratic Republic Of Congo. The gorillas were suffering strokes as a result of having their intelligence artificially increased. The only cure for the surviving gorillas was to reverse the intelligence enhancement, which Ganyeka reluctantly did.


3000 (Xerxes' timeline)

  • The Y3K Bug causes the collapse of all power, transportation, and communication technology, ending human civilization for several centuries.