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FSPD Special Agent and professional crime fighter.


Alternate ID   Christina Taylor


Hair   Black   Eyes   Green
Height   1.81 m   Weight   61.00 kg

A tall, well-built black woman in her late 20's. She normally dresses in the uniform worn by FSPD Tactical Teams (Dark Gray BDUs and Web Gear) with her gauntlets covering both arms to the shoulders. She also wears a set of experimental multi-purpose goggles that cover the upper half of her face.


Christina Taylor started her career as a promising FBI agent working for the Government Manhunter Agency (Computer Systems Retrieval and Analysis). Medical tests showed that her body chemistry was ideally suited to undergo similar "metabolic enhancements" to the ones that gave Manhunter his abilities in the 1940's. The experiment was successful, granting her characteristics above the human norm. She was assigned to the Chicago superhero group, Citadel, as FSPD liason until that organization was disbanded. Months before the group broke up, she recieved a package in the mail containing Manhunter's gauntlets (and nothing else, no note or instructions). She is currently a Special Operative (At Large) for the FSPD.