Karen 7

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Karen 7

One little war machine trying to find her place in the world

Karen 7
Karen 7, in civilian attire
Karen West with her father and Rook, at a fundraiser for AIDS in 1995
Quotation   "Waffles are an excellent source of energy and raw materials."
First Appearance   Legacies #1
Real Name   Karen Elizabeth West
Identity   Secret ID
Player   Cameron Miller


Gender   Female* Age   16*
Height   5' 1" Hair   Blonde
Weight   275 lbs Eyes   Blue

*Karen 7 appears to be a female human of approximately 16, but is actually a sentient machine.



Stamina: 10

Determination: 1

Unspent Experience: 0


Life Support
Vulnerable to heat; must "eat" and "sleep"
Infravision; Enhanced Vision +1


  • Mathematics and Tactical Thinking (+2) (solid state storage medium)
  • Martial Arts Master (+3) (unit personal defense programs)
  • Mental Resistance Master (+3) (responsive logical firewalls, to prevent recursive loops)
  • Languages Expert (+2) (language pack: English +4 languages)



  • Loyalty: Karen will protect and defend anyone she deems a friend or has something she thinks is an emotional tie to. She doesn't really have a way of showing emotional attachment and thinks this is the best way.
  • Sense of Self: Karen has grown beyond her programing. Originally designed as a shell for another set of memories, she has developed well beyond that. Karen will now seek out and defend her own sense of self and individuality.


  • Heavy frame: The Karen unit is considerably heavier than most people and has to be constantly aware of this. It sometimes leads to awkward elevator moments.
  • Social ineptitude: Karen is lacking the skills to handle everyday emotions right now. When faced with a difficult emotional issue, she often seems cold and uncaring to those around her. Most people can pick up on this easily
  • Logical thinking: Karen takes the most logical and shortest path to her goal. If a cat is stuck in the tree, she is more likely to push the tree over to save time, then waste the energy to climb it.


Karen 7 (along with Karens 1 through 6) was created by Doctor Herbert West, a brilliant if somewhat unbalanced inventor and engineer who was well known as a weapon designer for both the government and a number of superheroes during the 1960s through the 1990s. The Karen units were based on a military prototype West had been developing in the mid-1990s. The unfortunate death of West's daughter in 1996 in an automobile accident marked the end of West's professional career: he withdrew from the world, and devoted the remainder of his life to the Karen Project.

Karen was created using an experimental skeletal combat chassis, composed primarily of Grade 5 and Grade 38 titanium alloys[1], with some carbon fiber structural members. The unit was originally intended to be controlled via up-link for use in warfare environments where a human solider would not be able to operate. The combat chassis has increased lifting capabilities, reinforced sub-dermal body armor, and a highly responsive fiber-optic control system. Implanted in the chassis is a mark 1 heuristic processor designed by West after the death of his daughter: a collection of nano neural nets designed to function in the same logic as a human brain, and though untested, was intended by West to have the same learning and expansion capabilities. All of the models created were up loaded with a standard AI package, which included logic firewalls, combat awareness protocols, advance storage units, and a comprehensive language pack.

The Karen 7 unit does suffer from a few drawbacks. It must consume complex minerals or proteins for base materials. Also it must enter a rest cycle to repair and process those materials. The unit can run for quite sometime on stored power, but will shut down if power reserves fall to low and put the heuristic processor at risk. Also this model unit suffers from a heat control issue. At normal use it manages heat fine, but in a heat rich environment or through strenuous use, may experience heat control issue. If necessary deep programing will suspend the unit, open all heat sinks and pipes until able to operate again. This is another heuristic processor fail safe.


Karen's first goal is to find out more about herself and grow in the process. She also seeks to make sure her existence continues at all times. She knows she is stronger and tougher than most beings on earth and see this as a tool. By making the world safer, she is then making herself safer by living in it. Even if this makes puts her in an occasionally temporary dangerous situation.

Karen still looks at the world through robot eyes. Most everything in her world is cut and dry, tempered through the data she has on hand at the time. She still has a hard time forming emotional bonds, and often mistakes loyalty for showing affection. Most of the world sees her as cold, with the way she feels about death and people in general. Most people will never understand the logic a machine will use to make a decision, and machine logic drive Karen forward. The only exception seems to be when something threatens the essence of Karen. (Like another machine or person saying she is flawed and needs to be fixed.)


Karen relies on data in combat. She uses her vast memory to recall how a target fight from previous encounters, or cross referencing similar situations. If Karen can't find any information in memory, she will normally watch the target for a bit to gather the info, or fall back on her database of standard military practices.

In combat Karen is extremely focused on the target at hand, normally picking out the highest preconceived threat. This often leads to a fair amount of collateral damage, because her programing doesn't recognize this as a factor.

She also make what she sees as the most logical decision based on various victory conditions. This is often misunderstood as cold or amoral. She is willing to sacrifice a few to save many if the best condition requires it.