Karen X

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Karen X

One little war machine determined to survive

Karen X
Karen X, in civilian attire
Quotation   "I will not be replaced by an inferior unit. "
First Appearance   Legacies #6, 2011
Real Name   Karen Elizabeth West
Identity   Secret ID
Player   NPC
Team Affiliation   Solo
Base Of Operations   United States
Range Of Operations   Global


Gender   Female Age   16
Height   5’ 0” Hair   Blonde
Weight   375 lbs. Eyes   Blue

Karen X appears to be a female human of approximately 16, but is actually a sentient machine.



Stamina: 12

Determination: 6

Power Points Spent: 104

Unspent Experience: 1


Wizardry (Gadgets)
Ion blaster, seeking missiles, neural paralyzer
Life Support
Cold, Breathing, Heat, Pathogens, Pressure, Radiation, Toxins, Vacuum
Jet pack
Infravision; Radar; X-Ray vision; Enhanced Vision +2; Extended Vision +2


  • Acrobatics Specialty (+1)
  • Languages Expert (+2)
  • Mental Resistance Master (+3)
  • Recall/Memory Master (+3)



  • Sense of Self: Karen X has grown beyond her programing. Originally designed as a shell for another set of memories, she has developed well beyond that. Karen X will now seek out and destroy threats to her own sense of self and individuality.


  • Personal: Heavy frame -- The Karen X unit is considerably heavier than most people and has to be constantly aware of this. It sometimes leads to awkward elevator moments.
  • Social: Social ineptitude -- Karen X is lacking the skills to handle everyday emotions. When faced with a difficult emotional issue, she often seems cold and uncaring to those around her. Most people can pick up on this easily.
  • Personal: Logical thinking -- Karen X takes the most logical and shortest path to her goal. If a cat is stuck in the tree, she is more likely to push the tree over to save time, then waste the energy to climb it.


Abilities 43 + Powers 56 + Specialties 5 = 104 / 105


Karen X was created by Doctor Herbert West, a brilliant if somewhat unbalanced inventor and engineer who was well known as a weapon designer for both the government and a number of superheroes during the 1960s through the 1990s. The Karen units were based on a military prototype West had been developing in the mid-1990s. The unfortunate death of West's daughter in 1996 in an automobile accident marked the end of West's professional career. He withdrew from the world, and devoted the remainder of his life to the Karen Project: an attempt to create a perfect, immortal receptacle for Karen West's stored memories and personality.


Karen X often seems cold and uncaring to those around her.


Karen X takes the most logical and shortest path to her goal.