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Welcome to the WestGuard Information System

The WestGuard Building

Your access code and DNA imprint have been confirmed. Permission to view the WestGuard Information System's files on the subject: SUPERHUMAN within the datastore: MULTIVERSE has been granted.


In 2008 Xerxes, a member of WestGuard, was contacted by Archimedes, a superhero in an alternate multiverse, via a device Archimedes constructed with the aid of alien technology. Xerxes and Archimedes facilitated discussions and information sharing between WestGuard and Justifiers, the group to which Archimedes belonged.

These two multiverse have many similarities, but also notable differences. The WestGuard Information System exists in what is referred to as the Mainstream Universe. Archimedes and Justifiers exist in the Kalos Universe. The primary point of difference between the two, from the WestGuard Information System perspective, is that the history, character and abilities of superhumans are strongly divergent, as is the impact superhumans have had on post-nuclear age human civilization.

WestGuard Information System files on superheroes and supervillains from the Kalos Universe are primarily provided by Archimedes. Files on the events associated with the Blue Sun Universe derive from a subsequent investigation by Xerxes and Ian MacAllistair of the New York Institute For Parapsychological Research (a.k.a. "Spookshow"). In theory, should an energy source of sufficient scope become available, a crossover between the Mainstream Universe and Kalos Universe can be achieved. A crossover to the Blue Sun Universe is, at this time, not understood well enough to be considered possible.

Mainstream Universe

The Mainstream Universe is home to the WestGuard Information System and the following:

Kalos Universe

The Kalos Universe is home to the following:

Blue Sun Universe

The Blue Sun Universe is home to the following environments observed by Xerxes and Dr. Ian MacAllistair:

Game Mechanics

Technical Support

Use of the WestGuard Information System, authorized or unauthorized, constitutes consent to monitoring of this system. Unauthorized use may subject you to criminal prosecution. Evidence collected during monitoring may be used for administrative, criminal, or other adverse action.