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"That's right, the name's Megaton. Ya got that?!"

Quotation   "Gonna have to break that pretty face of yours, sweetcheeks."
Real Name   Vinny Delmonaco
Identity   Public ID
Player   Sean


Gender   Male
Age   30
Height   6' 8"
Weight   325
Hair   Black
Eyes   Brown

Megaton is a large, well-built handsome man with a cruel smile. He typically wears tight-fitting t-shirts, fashionable jeans, and a liberal dose of pomade, gold chains, and Aqua Velva.

Power Level

Power Level   10
Power Points   150
Max Attack   10
Max Defense   8
Max Save DC   10
Max Toughness   12


STR   30 (+10/+0)
DEX   16 (+3)
CON   24 (+7/+0)
INT   8 (-1)
WIS   10 (+0)
CHA   16 (+3)


Attack   10 (Melee 10, Ranged 10) [Unarmed +10 (Bruise)]
Defense   8 (4 flat-footed)
Initiative   7


Toughness   12 (12 flat-footed)
Fortitude   12
Reflex   10
Will   6


Bluff   5 (+8)
Climb   (+0)
Concentration   (+0)
Diplomacy   4 (+7)
Disguise   (+3)
Drive   3 (+6)
Escape Artist   (+3)
Gather Info   5 (+8)
Handle Animal   (+3)
Intimidate   7 (+10)
Notice   6 (+6)
Search   (-1)
Sense Motive   6 (+6)
Stealth   (+3)
Survival   (+0)
Swim   (+0)




All-out Attack   Reduce defense bonus to increase attack bonus
Benefit (2)   Immune to Normal Prosecution in Chicagoland
Connected   Make a Diplomacy check to call in favors or aid
Fearless   Immunity to fear effects
Improved Grab   Grapple as a free action after a successful attack
Improved Initiative (1)   +4 bonus on initiative checks


Rank   Description   Save
10   Density   
14   Enhanced Constitution   
12   Impervious Toughness X2   
10   [a] Snare (Alt Power for Strength)   
        [Needs Stuff He Can Use to Wrap Around/Bury Target]   



Abilities 10 + Skills 10 (40 ranks) + Feats 7 + Powers 69 + Combat 36 + Saves 18 – Drawbacks 0 = 150 / 150


Vinny is the third son of a large Chicagoland mob family, the Delmonacos. Early on Vinny was bigger and stronger than anyone else, and quickly got a reputation for being a rough kid. And a dumb one. Growing up he wanted to be the biggest, baddest guy around, so he picked the name Megaton, although it doesn't directly relate to his mutant abilities. After a string of mob-ralted crimes Megaton was brought up on federal charges for running stolen liquor into Canada, and spent 2 years in Hellhole. Since then he's been keeping a low profile, but will still get involved in any scheme he thinks will make him look good to the family.


Megaton is really just a small time, small minded thug. He likes to insult and intimidate people, and he's ready to get violent if he doesn't get what he wants or get the respect he thinks he deserves. His only loyalty is to his family, who is a well-connected part of the Chicagoland mob.


Megaton is convinced (rightfully so) that his Rank 12 Impervious X2 Toughness will protect him from just about anything. He'll typically wade into the middle of a fight and challenge/insult any heroes whom he doesn't think can hurt him.