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The Perfect Weapon

Nemesis, extreme close-up
Nemesis, in civilian attire
Quotation   "You'd be surprised what's under this skin of mine."
First Appearance  
Real Name   Ryan Macbeth
Identity   Public ID
Player   Brandon Blackmoor
Team Affiliation  
Base Of Operations   Atom City
Range Of Operations   Local


Gender   Female Age   20
Height   5' 7" Hair   Brown
Weight   135 lbs. Eyes   Green

Ryan is a fit young woman with full lips and large green eyes.



Stamina: 10
Determination: 1
Team Determination: 0

Power Points Spent: 54
Unspent Experience: 0


Force Field
+1 Stamina per 3 pages
Ext. vision x1, Enh. vision +2, Enh. hearing +1, Infravision, Sonar
Sub-sonic (500 mph)


  • Medicine Specialty (+1)
  • Military Specialty (+1)
  • Acting Specialty (+1)



  • Connection: [Brilliant neuroscientist]
  • Connection: [Military contact]
  • Epithet: The Perfect Weapon
  • Motivation: Repentant
  • Motivation: Responsibility of power


  • Enemy: ADDER
  • Personal: Amnesiac
  • Personal: Afraid of losing her humanity
  • Social: Mysterious criminal past


Abilities 32 + Powers 19 + Specialties 3 = 54 / 54


According to the official record, Army Specialist Ryan Macbeth, of Fredericksburg, Va. was assigned to the 1st Special Troops Battalion, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, N.C.; she died July 2, 2010 in Asad, Iraq, of wounds sustained July 1 in a non-combat-related incident in Khan Al Baghdadi, Iraq.

... except she didn't die.

As a combat medic in Khan Al Baghdadi, Iraq, Spc. Macbeth stumbled across a secret medical experiment being run by ADDER and KBR. Before she knew what was happening, she was kidnapped, drugged, and locked in a cargo container along with a number of other military test subjects (who were also reported killed in action).

Many months later, Ryan was captured by [super team, or possibly lone hero with appropriate powers] during an attempted assassination of French Immigration Minister, Eric Besson. Upon examination, she was discovered to be an American, and an advanced form of cyborg, so she was sent to Atom City to be studied by [science agency]. It was there that [brilliant neuroscientist] discovered that nanoelectronics implanted in her parietal cortex were overriding her free will, and making her into a tool for whomever implanted her cybernetics. After a lengthy and very complex surgery, the nanoelectronics were removed.


Ryan does not remember what she did during the months she was controlled, and she doesn't really want to know. In fact, large portions of her memories are gone. She remembers bits and pieces of her childhood, and her military training, but she also has memories which she is certain are not hers: classes on how to bypass security systems; instructions on how to kill people silently with her bare hands; briefings on the easiest ways to disable airplanes, trains, bridges, and so on. According to [brilliant neuroscientist], she may never know which memories are hers and which have been implanted, and it is possible that her own memories of her life before her abduction might never return.

Ryan has reclaimed her identity, thanks to DNA testing and the support of the US Army, but she no longer has the life she led prior to her abduction. The US Army gave her a medical discharge, and she has no criminal record, but she is struggling to build a life out of what remains of her memories. She has great power, and a sense of responsibility, but no direction.


Between her military training and her ADDER provided combat firmware, Ryan is a lethal combatant, both hand-to-hand and with firearms. However, she is also observant and patient. She does not rush into conflict.