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The New Justifiers

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The New Justifiers is a monthly comic book series published by Kalos Comics. The series began publication in May 2011. The comic chronicles the adventures of the heroes who came together in the Legacies miniseries, and who took on the mantle of the Justifiers at the conclusion of that miniseries.

Issue #1, "The Aotearoa Gambit"

Karen 7 and Tempest attend an "ultimate fighting" charity exhibition being held in Queenstown, New Zealand. While there, a series of bizarre attacks occur simultaneously. With the help of Predator and Psion, the attacks are thwarted: a creature made of stone is allowed to return to its home beneath Lake Wakatipu, the Green Man escapes, and the anarchist hacker "h@v0k" is captured. However, they soon discover that these attacks were merely a distraction. A force field englobes New Zealand, and the sphere rises into space.

The heroes find and defeat the man responsible, who calls himself Maitreya, and they return New Zealand and the surrounding sea to its previous location.

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