Organizations (Kalos Universe)

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  • ASGARD - A secret organization dedicated to the establishment of a global techno-fascist utopia.
  • GORGON - A world-wide subversive organization dedicated to global domination.
  • Jade Moon Society - An ancient society dedicated to perfect ecological balance.
  • Project Genesis - A paramilitary organization devoted to ending the posthuman menace.




North America

United States

  • Aegis - A non-governmental intelligence organization dedicated to protecting the nations and peoples of Earth from all threats, terrestrial or extraterrestrial.
  • Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI)
Los Angeles, California
  • Barclays - "Now there's a thought."
  • Scythian Corporation - A multi-national defense contracting firm, specializing in cutting edge research and development.
Chicago, Illinois
New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Vanguard - "Great power, used responsibly."
Boston, Massachusetts
White Sands, New Mexico
Hamilton County, New York
New York, New York
  • Citadel - "The official heroes of New York City."
Seattle, Washington

Other worlds

  • Isopterans - Insectoid alien race devoted to conquest and expansion.
  • Shran - Humanoid alien race with obscure motives.