Pax Europa 1880

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Pax Europa 1880


Europe in the year 1880 consists of a small number of large & prosperous countries, a larger number of not-so-prosperous countries, & a large number of colonies of other countries. Scattered throughout all of this are the remains of the occasional rampage or political ambitions of the combination of saviour & scourge of the Modern World; the Savant. Savants are the top thinkers & inventors of the age. They come from all walks of life & any strata of society. Free Thinkers, Engineers, Revolutionaries, & Scientists, they are both a blessing & a curse on any society. They say there is no touch of genius without a little madness & these tend to have considerably more than a touch of both. They are more than just geniuses, there is some indefinable capacity that a Savant possesses that a mere scientist or Doctor does not. The Savants have, by word & deed, re-written the face & history of the world. By the very fact of their existence Savants have created & forced change upon every facet of society; re-writing Laws, re-defining Morality, & making a Mockery of Tradition. They are also indispensable if a country is to remain a Serious Political Power in the world. Love them or Hate them, the days of burning them at the stake or ex-communicating them is at an end. Argue all you like, but it is The Scientists-Mad or not-who rule the world. Even if they do not realize it.

Welcome to Pax Europa, I do hope you remembered to pack your revolver & a change of clothes.

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