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Predator, in civilian attire
Lavida Mors
Lavida Mors in training for her next match
Quotation   "Bring It!"
First Appearance  
Real Name   Lavida Mors
Identity   Secret ID
Player   April Miller
Team Affiliation   None
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Gender   Female Age   29
Height   5' 8” Hair   Brown
Weight   149lbs Eyes   Brown



Stamina: 9
Determination: 1

Power Points Spent: 55
Unspent Experience: 0


Reactive Camouflage Field – Field generators give the illusion of invisibility
Chitin Armor Plates – Hard plates overlap to protect the wearer
Raised plates on the hands, feet, knees, shins, and elbows respond to Predator's unique fighting style.
The suit response to the nervous system, allowing extra far leaping and tumbling
Thermal-vision, Vision extended +1


  • Martial Arts Expert (+2)



  • Predator Fighting Style: Fighting style that is completely unique to her. This makes it hard to adapt to but easily recognizable to those who would know it.
  • Catch Phrase "Bring It"
  • Catch Phrase "That was a good one, now its my turn"



Abilities 32 + Powers 22 + Specialties 1 = 55 / 55


Lavida Mors is a female fighter for the US based StrikeForce[1] mixed martial arts and kickboxing organization. She spent most of her early career perfecting her various martial art disciplines, and crafted her own unique style. Based on a complex mix of Muay Thai, Jeet Kune Do, and Wu style tai chi chuan. She considers her fighting an art form, and sought out new combatants to test and hone her skill on, perfecting her body into a complete weapon. Lavida was so confident in her abilities that she took a last minute fight against Olga "Cyborg" Kudikova, despite pleas of her training team. Rumors abound about Kudikova's nickname but none have ever been proven; Mors lost the fight against Kudikova by TKO at 4:59 in the first round.

Devastated Mors retired to her home to recover from her injuries but was never able to shake the loss from her mind. In the following week Mors received a package on her doorstep. Attached was a note promising amazing results from a new training equipment. Desperate for results Lavida donned the new suit and it almost instantly fused to her body in a searing flash of pain.

The Predator, as Mors has come to call it, is a organic symbiotic life form in the form of a suit. It binds with the user on a DNA level, fusing itself with every aspect of its user. In the case of Mors, it adapted itself to her unique fighting style. The suit increased her strike force, speed, movement, ability to take an impact, and awareness of her surrounding. Mors is unable to remove the suit, but has learned to control is growth properties through time and practice. She can retract the suit, pull it back along the spine, and suppress it inward. To the casual observer it is simply an odd spidery tattoo along the whole of her back. Mors must keep consciously aware of this state or the suit will return to its state of rest, covering the whole of her body in chitinous armor.