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Energy Controller

Reaver CoH Image

Quotation   "If you don't surrender I'm going to make this hurt."
Real Name   Ron Ramirez
Identity   Public ID
Player   Sean


Gender   Male
Age   35
Height   5' 10"
Weight   320 (dense)
Hair   Black
Eyes   Black

Reaver is of medium height with an atheletic build, and he keeps his hair short in a military style. His skin is bronze with inumerable scars and an ashen undertone. He typically wears olive BDUs, combat boots, and a skin-tight black t-shirt. Reaver is a cyborg, and when he is using his powers a lattice-work of power conduits can be seen underneath the skin of his forearms and hands. His eyes are completely black synthetic replacements.

Power Level

Power Level   10
Power Points   177
Max Attack   8
Max Defense   10
Max Save DC   12
Max Toughness   10


STR   16 (+3)
DEX   20 (+5)
CON   30 (+10/+0)
INT   14 (+2)
WIS   14 (+2)
CHA   10 (+0)


Attack   8 (Melee 8, Ranged 8) [Unarmed +3 (Bruise)]
Defense   10 (5 flat-footed)
Initiative   5


Toughness   10 (10 flat-footed)
Fortitude   10
Reflex   10
Will   2


Bluff   (+0)
Climb   (+3)
Computers   8 (+10)
Concentration   8 (+10)
- Electronic   8 (+10)
- Mechanical   8 (+10)
Diplomacy   (+0)
Disable Device   8 (+10)
Disguise   (+0)
Drive   8 (+13)
Escape Artist   (+5)
Gather Info   (+0)
Handle Animal   (+0)
Intimidate   8 (+8)
- Technology   8 (+10)
- Life Sciences   8 (+10)
Medicine   6 (+8)
Notice   (+2)
Pilot   8 (+13)
Search   (+2)
Sense Motive   (+2)
Stealth   (+5)
Survival   (+2)
Swim   (+3)


R'Actolian, Renegades Battle Language, G'Dree


Benefit (1)   Security Clearance
Benefit (1)   Status: Federal Police Powers
Diehard   Automatically stabilize when dying
Environmental Adaptation   Environmental Adaptation: Zero G
Inventor   Can create temporary devices
Precise Shot (2)   Ignore concealment unless total cover


Rank   Description   Save
   Radiation Control   
12   Radiation Blast [Alternative Save: Fortitude]   22:FRT
12   [a] Radiation Blast [Area Effect: Cone]   27:TGH
12   [a] Radiation Blast [Autofire]   27:TGH
12   [a] Radiation Blast [Penetrating]   27:TGH
12   [a] Radiation Blast [Range: Perception]   27:TGH
12   [a] Drain Constitution [Range: Ranged, Poison]   22:FRT
20   Enhanced Constitution   
4   Communication - Radio [Subtle]   
1   Super Sense - Radio Hearing   
2   Super Sense - Darkvision   
1   Super Sense - Infravision   
8   Mind Shield (Auto Succeed on Mental Attacks < Rank 8,   
        +8 Will Saves vs. Mental Attacks)   
5   Immunity (Radiation, Cold, Vacuum, Suffocation)   



Abilities 24 + Skills 24 (96 ranks) + Feats 7 + Powers 81 + Combat 36 + Saves 5 – Drawbacks 0 = 177 / 177


As a young man Reaver was taken by the G'Dree and outfitted with hard radiation generator implants and other enhancements, then slaved to a mining mech and inserted into an asteroid core. After years of mind-altering solitude he escaped, stole an ore transport, and returned to Earth. He was taken in by the Renegades, partly because of his power, and partly to protect the people of Earth from his terrible rampages. Reaver lost his leg in combat, after which Dr. Pierce, Ace, and Modulator rebuilt his body as a fully cybernetic unit.

In a battle with the Zodiac Gang, Reaver took responsibility for killing Mercury, although the act was really committed by Trevor Castle. The FSPD and popular opinion forced Reaver to resign from the Renegades, so he manned the R'Actolian Dreadnought that the Renegades hid on the dark side of the moon. The solitude of the moon, coupled with years of counselling, have helped Reaver gain control of his inner demons, and he has returned to a somewhat sceptical Earth.


Reaver has experienced a wide variety of psychologically damaging situations, and has spent much energy recovering from those wounds. In normal interactions he comes across as distant, laconic, and sometimes bitter, as if he lacks some of the basic human emotions like caring and empathy. Occassionally he will show a flash of intense rage which is quickly brought under control. What is most surprising, however, given his history of vigilante killings and random violence, is that Reaver truly believes that the good guys have to fight evil, and those with extraordinary abilities have a responsibility to defend those who can't defend themselves.


Reaver prefers to remain at some distance from a fight, using his radiation bolts and keeping in contact with his team via radio. He will direct the actions of less experienced teammates if they seem indecisive.