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Humanoid alien race with obscure motives



Height   6' - 7'
Weight   150 lbs - 200 lbs
Hair   None
Eyes   Blue

The Shran have very rarely been seen by humans, but each report indicates that they do not wear clothing as humans typically do, and that they appear to be without obvious gender. Judging by the environments they have left behind (notably the Hilda station), the Shran prefer a median temperature of approximately 11° C (52° F). It is theorized that the Shran come from a world with a bright A type star.


The Shran have been known to abduct and experiment on humans, and it is suspected that they have been studying us for hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of years. Their home world, goals, and motivations are unknown.

The Hilda station

In 1974, the Justifiers discovered what appeared to be a Shran space station in the Hilda asteroids. This station exploded shortly after the Justifiers arrived (no casualties).

When the listening station was built, how long it had been in operation, and the reasons for its location are all unknown.