Silver Dragon

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Silver Dragon

Mystical martial artist and former freelance investigator.

Silver Dragon
Silver Dragon, in civilian attire
Alternate ID  
Player   Sean Weir


Hair   Black   Eyes   Brown
Height   1.68 m   Weight   54.00 kg

Silver Dragon (Kim Tan) is an athletically built 34 year old Chinese woman. When working as a private investigator she favors practical, though professional, clothes. Even if she is wearing long sleeves, the extensive Silver Dragon tattoos that run from fingertip to shoulder on both her arms can be seen. If she knows there will be trouble she'll wear silver silk traditional Chinese clothes cut specifically for her fast-moving, kick-oriented kung fu style.


As a teen Kim was a rising star on Taiwan's National Martial Arts team. Her father Haifeng, an Inspector in the Taiwan Police Internal Affairs unit, uncovered a complicated corruption scheme involving the Yakuza and the Tongs, and was killed for his interference. Kim's maternal grandfather, a sorcerer, enchanted her with the Spirit of the Dragon so she could defend the family and take revenge on those that killed her father. In the end, she defeated the Yakuza and Tong hit squads, but only her fraternal grandparents survived the bloodbath. During the fighting a cursed dagger pierced her thigh, leaving an unhealable wound.

Kim and her grandparents relocated to Dallas, where she joined the local police force. After a few years of service, she was framed for killing her partner, and although the charges were eventually dropped, the stigma of killing her partner for money hasn't left her. She relocated to Chicago, with her sometimes partner Shen, and became a private investigator catering to the Chinese and Japanese population. After a few years there, she moved to L.A. and joined WestGuard.