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Members of the Institute

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  • Algrim (M) - Warrior Faerie sent to keep an eye on things.
  • Elf Lord (M) - A faerie noble from the Near Realm of Ganeloth who has been banished from his home dimension.
  • Grimknight (M) - Ominous protector of Manhattan.
  • Ian MacAllistair (M) - Director of The Institute. A magician w/a shadowy past.
  • Seraphim (F) - A succubus in training, torn from her home by DEMON cultists.

Associate members

  • Nightveil (F) - Consultant on subjects mystical and magickal.

Support staff

Inactive and former members

  • Darknight (M) - Ominous protector of Manhattan.
  • Demon (M) - Reasonably normal guy w/unreasonably abnormal possession problem.