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Yes, it's Irredeemable

Yes, I based this whole story arc on Irredeemable. -- BBlackmoor 11:19, 20 February 2011 (PST)

Issue 8

Notes from Cameron (Karen 7) regarding issue 8:

I forgot this until just now. We spoke with Paragon. Rob did some pretty impressive rolls to psycho analyze him and Karen ripped her face off. In the end he proved he was not under any sort of mind control and in Karens eyes is simply mentally stunted and petulant. In Circuits trained eyes its "He wanted to be the best super hero, but he failed! We need to find away for him to be a hero again. His body is super, but his mind is a fragile as any human." Karen said we should be the villains and let him stop us, but it didnt go over well. Also Tempest, Gravitar, and Karen all agreed he needed to be handled on a permanent basis. He stormed off in a huff saying he was "going to let us try and be super heroes but that we will learn that we cant save them all." In the words of Gravitar "Dur... Its silly to think you can save everyone." He did not nuke us though, so hooray for that!

We also learned Mentors plot to crystallize and store the world for cataloging. Paragon was the only one standing in his way, and that's why we need to deal with him.... Karen smashed his orb thingie. The group is no longer amused with Mentor and voted on that he too needs to be handled in a more permanent basis. Also in 7 days the world is planning a nuclear strike on Paragon that will turn the world to dust. It was a very busy last 2 hours.

Also Karen knows of a space station with a scary room marked dangerous goods storage. She plans on going there at some point. We are leaving the Paragon problem up to Graff, cause he's got this, no problem. :)

-- BBlackmoor 22:08, 20 March 2011 (PDT)