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The Master Of Time

Ticktockman, with his time belt inactive
Quotation   "Repent, harlequins!"
First Appearance   Vanguard: Requiem #4, 2008
Real Name   Gerald Gearman
Identity   Secret ID


Gender   Male
Age   49
Height   5' 10"
Weight   204 lbs.
Hair   Grey
Eyes   Blue

Ticktockman wears a black and white jumpsuit with a large mechanical clock face on the chest. When his time belt is active, the clock hands spin furiously, and his outline and features appear blurry and indistinct.

Power Level

Power Level   12
Power Points   180
Max Attack   12
Max Defense   18
Max Save DC   12
Max Toughness   6


STR   12 (+1)
DEX   11 (+0)
CON   13 (+1)
INT   16 (+3)
WIS   12 (+1)
CHA   11 (+0)


Attack   12 (Melee 12, Ranged 12) [Unarmed +1 (Bruise)]
Defense   18 (7 flat-footed)
Initiative   +40


Toughness   6 (1 flat-footed)
Fortitude   6
Reflex   9
Will   6


Climb   (+1)
Computers   4 (+7)
Concentration   (+1)
Diplomacy   (+0)
Disable Device   12 (+15)
Disguise   (+0)
Escape Artist   (+0)
Gather Info   8 (+8)
Handle Animal   (+0)
Intimidate   (+0)
Investigate   4 (+7)
- Physical Sciences   4 (+7)
- Technology   4 (+7)
Notice   (+1)
PS: Efficiency expert   6 (+7)
Search   (+3)
Sense Motive   8 (+9)
Sleight of Hand   10 (+10)
Stealth   (+0)
Survival   (+1)
Swim   (+1)




Defensive Roll (5)   +5 Toughness save bonus
Dodge Focus (4)   +4 dodge bonus
Elusive Target   -8 penalty for ranged attacks against you in melee
Master Plan   Bonus in situations when you have a chance to plan
Minions (6)   Ten 45pp followers: Minute Men (SWAT Officer, p. 229)


Rank   Description   Save
10   Deflect 10: all ranged attacks   
5   Enhanced Attack 5   
8   Enhanced Defense 8   
15   Enhanced Feats 15   
       Evasion 2: No damage from attacks allowing a Reflex save   
       Fast Overrun: Make multiple overrun attempts in a round   
       Improved Overrun: +4 bonus on trip checks while overrunning   
       Improved Initiative 10: +40 bonus on initiative checks   
       Seize Initiative: Spend a hero point to go first in combat   
2   Invisibility 2: all visual senses   
1   Super Senses 1: Time sense   
22   Time Control [Array 16]   
10   [d] Quickness 10; Affects others (+1 extra)   
10   [d] Speed 10; Affects others (+1 extra)   
4   [d] Insubstantial 4: Incorporeal (affected by light and electricity);   
           Affects others (+1 extra)   
5   [d] High speed punch [Strike 5; Autofire 2 (+2 extra); Affects   20:TGH
           others (+1 extra)]   
3   [d] Minute Men (SWAT Officer, p. 229) [Summon Minions 3 (45pp   
           minions; Horde (+1 extra); Progression: 10 minions   
           (+3 feat)]   



Abilities 15 + Skills 15 (60 ranks) + Feats 17 + Powers 88 + Combat 26 + Saves 19 – Drawbacks 0 = 180 / 180


Gerald Gearman was a time and motion studies expert, working to increase the efficiency of business processes for his clients. Gearman was also a science fiction fan and closet inventor, who had spent the last several decades working on a device to enhance human efficiency by altering the flow of time around the body in the same way that the warp engine of the Enterprise permits the ship to exceed the speed of light on Star Trek. Surprisingly, Gearman succeeded, and his invention worked. However, when he tried to get business leaders to look at his invention and evaluate it for inclusion in their processes, people laughed at him and assumed he was a crackpot.

Determined to prove that his time belt could increase the efficiency of business processes, Gearman began appearing in public places and demonstrating his ability to stack boxes, sort forms, and perform other business related tasks. To his surprise, he was accused of being a vandal and of being disruptive, the exact opposite of what he wanted to achieve. Bitter and angry, Gearman adopted the identity of Ticktockman, and began attacking organizations that he deems inefficient and short-sighted. A frequent target of his attacks has been Harrah's casino: with its Mardi Gras theme and focus on leisure, Gearman believes that Harrah's embodies everything that he opposes.


Ticktockman rarely commits crimes simply for the money. He usually is either making a point by disrupting the activities of people who are wasting time frivolously, or he is stealing some piece of technology required for his research. When he is acting to punish those who waste time and impede efficiency, he often stops to make a speech, condemning wasteful activities. He always begins such speeches with the command, "Repent, harlequins!"


When stealing, Ticktockman prefers to get in and get out in the most efficient manner possible. When acting to punish wastrels and the inefficient, he takes more time in order to ensure that his message has been received and understood.