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Members of Vanguard

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  • Blue Diamond (F) - Crystalline heroine without a past.
  • Doctor Morpheus (M) - Former occult villain turned to the light.
  • Steel (M) - Hardcase ex-con trying to go straight.
  • Swan (F) - Avian-themed avenger of the night.

Associate members

Support staff

Inactive and former members

  • Blue Star (F) - More powerful than a locomotive; deceased.
  • Dryad (F) - Scantily clad plant elemental; deceased.
  • Hercules (M) - Womanizing bastard son of Zeus; deceased.
  • Nemesis (M) - Martial artist with mysterious abilities; deceased.
  • Perseus Jones (M) - Flying, power-absorbing strongman; deceased.
  • Rubberfist (M) - Happy-go-lucky stretching strongman; deceased.
  • Starmass (N) - Reclusive hero in black chrome armor; deceased.
  • TK Kid (M) - Teenager with telekinetic abilities; deceased.
F    Female
M    Male
N    Neuter or inorganic
O    Nonhuman without obvious gender