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[[Category:Los Angeles]]

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The original WestGuard facility in Los Angeles, California.

Construction on the original WestGuard Building was begun in 1988 and completed in 1992, at a total cost of 8.4 million dollars (in those days, a tidy sum). The facility served the team well, and became a landmark many Los Angeles residents were proud to see on their daily commute. Over the next eight years, the facility was expanded several times, adding additional office space, laboratories, variable-gravity gymnasium, and even a particle accelerator!

Sadly, this proud structure was destroyed in 2001, during a battle between WestGuard and one of the many enemies of all free, law-abiding Americans. The villains were defeated and captured, but the WestGuard building was utterly destroyed.

For the next several years, the team was able to use a historic landmark, the Fieldstone House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, as their base of operations. (This is, of course, insane. Why would anyone allow superheroes to live in a historic architectural treasure?)

The new WestGuard facility in Los Angeles, California.

In late 2004, construction on the new WestGuard Building will be completed. Although it appears smaller than the original WestGuard Building, it actually has nearly twice the floorspace: most of this modern marvel is located underground. The structural integrity of WestGuard's new offices is also nearly double that of the original. The newest materials and building techniques have been used to make the WestGuard Building one of the sixteen most durable habitable structures on Earth. With the inclusion of all of the amenities in the original WestGuard Building, and the addition of several new features, such an Olympic sized swimming pool and an underground 500 meter firing range, the new WestGuard Building is a worthy successor to its honored precursor.