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Xerxes Chuan

The Man From The 31st Century.

Xerxes Chuan
Alternate ID   The Man From The 31st Century
Player   Brandon Blackmoor


Xerxes was recruited by a team of 31st century scientists who wished to send sixteen volunteers back in time to the 29th century, to try and prevent the Y3K disaster which ended human civilization on Earth and its many colony worlds. He was selected because of his social skills and his position as a respected anthropologist, not because of his technological expertise -- he has only a rudimentary knowledge of temporal mechanics. Unfortunately, the temporal rift deposited him in the 21st century, rather than in the 29th. He has done his best to adapt to this primitive time, and to use his skills to help people without contaminating the 21st century culture.

There are benefits to the 21st century, of course. Chocolate and coffee, for example. The plants from which chocolate and coffee are made became extinct during the latter 22nd century.

Xerxes is cheerful, compassionate, curious, and highly organized. He has an aversion to physical violence, and he is a strict vegan (the eating of animal flesh repulses him, but as an athropologist, he strives to avoid imposing his 31st century sensibilities on primitive 21st century cultures).

Xerxes Chuan is a typical result of centuries of selective genetic engineering, just like everyone else in the 31st century. He is happier, healthier, smarter, saner, and better looking than most 21st century humans. He has medium brown skin and Asian features.